Public Transportation Stipend

Issue: A large percentage of low-wage workers travel by public transportation rather by car, therefore paid parking does not assist them with transportation costs.

Possible Solution: Provide the option to have the employer pay for a bus/transit pass instead of parking.

Unpaid Parking

Issue: For workers who drive and work downtown, parking costs can represent a considerable portion of their wages each month.

Possible Solution: Consider a parking stipend for employees at all levels and identify low-cost lots near your location.

No Alternative Transportation

Issue: Workers who do not have a personal car and don’t live on a bus route or have difficulty accessing public transportation because of their shift times cannot easily get to work every day.

Possible Solution: Consider a company sponsored and organized van or carpool to get workers from their neighborhoods to their job or provide a stipend for a ridesharing service. Vanpools can pick up from a centralized location along a bus route. Alternately, move employees without personal transportation options to shifts that align with bus schedules.

"One of the greatest obstacles we deal with is transportation. Meaning, no access to the bus line, the bus line not being close enough to the company, shift times not matching the bus line, and other transportation barriers. These barriers can result in increased absenteeism and tardiness. In the past 11 months our Transportation Program has created access to transportation for 24 people. We have found that creating alternative access to transportation has been the key to gainful employment for our clients. It has allowed our clients to get to work, every day, on time and allowed for 8 of our clients to get their own vehicles and become self - sufficient."

Katie Schad Business Manager | Beacon of Hope Business Alliance/Nehemiah Manufacturing