High impact policy

Above and Beyond

Uniform Design

Issue: Many employees don’t feel pride in their position or employer because they are required to wear a demeaning, uncomfortable or unattractive uniform.

Possible Solution: Be intentional when designing uniforms. Make them comfortable, attractive and functional so that employees feel proud when they get ready to go to work and as they deliver services throughout their shift. Adding your company logo or insignia that denote tenure or recognize a distinction add value and pride.

Responsive Recognition and Reward

Issue: All employees respond well to immediate positive feedback. When goals are met, or a project is completed, there is often no immediate recognition or celebration.

Possible Solution: Give unexpected “job well done” bonuses. When a goal is met or a team goal achieved, give an extra $50-$75 bonus as a simple thank you. Call the employee the day before payday to explain what they will find on their check. For lesser achievements, provide public recognition in the form of certificates, or in newsletter or bulletin board postings.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Issue: Many companies fail to take advantage of tax credits designed to encourage them to hire specific groups of employees.

Possible Solution: Explore the possibility of applying for Work Opportunity Tax credits and evaluate how they might be utilized. Work Opportunity Tax credits allow companies to save tax dollars based on the individuals they hire during the year. This permits companies who qualify to reinvest funds back into the business and retain quality employees.

Errand Service

Issue: Low-wage workers often work shifts with hours that make it difficult to get to the store or run errands.

Possible Solution: Provide an errand service to assist with buying groceries and other errands to take pressure off workers struggling to balance work and family responsibilities.

"There are lot of expenses throughout the year that make managing finances difficult. One of these is school supplies. In July the coordinators collect the school supplies list from the employees and create a master list of all the school supplies that need to be bought. Once it is all bought the coordinators redistribute the supplies into backpacks for each specific child. Alleviating these expenses can help with financial stability, but it also creates an incredibly loyal workforce which results in longer retention for employees. The turnover rate at Nehemiah is 10 - 15%."

Katie Schad Business Manager | Beacon of Hope Business Alliance / Nehemiah Manufacturing