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Emergency Child Care

Issue: When a child care provider option has unexpectedly fallen through, or a child is sick and cannot go to their usual place of care, workers must miss work or scramble to find another option.

Possible Solution: Provide employees access to sick-child options by purchasing care through a child care center or through an in-home provider. A similar process can be used to purchase spots at emergency child care centers. Many employees would rather care for their sick child themselves, so consider including this in your PTO parameters.

Employer Experience

  • “Our day care is closed on some holidays that we don’t have off, and I’ve utilized the program to have sitters come to my house and play with him while I work. He’s always enjoyed the sitters, and I appreciate being able to work instead of having to take a vacation day. Without family in town to help out, I’ve found this service to be a lifesaver. Knowing that these sitters and day-care centers have been vetted and had background checks helps me feel more confident about leaving my child in their care when I don’t have any other local options.”

    Suzanne Anderson, Assistant Director Talent


Child Care Support Services

Issue: Workers must miss work because they are unable to find child care, or they work a shift not covered by typical child care options.

Possible Solution: Make child care referral assistance available as part of your employee programs, especially for second and third shift employees. To help support your employees on second and third shift, identify a direct referral to an overnight child care provider. If such provider is not available in your area, consider switching this employee to a day shift.

Employer Experience

  • “EY offers a unique referral service called EY Assist. This is a single source solution to finding consultants or licensed professionals who can help EY employees better manage their lives, both at work and at home. EY Assist referral service is available to employees at no cost and on a confidential basis. Employees are responsible for cost of any contracted services, however, in many cases the firm will reimburse a portion of the cost. EY Assist can be used to find affordable, quality childcare.”


    EY Company Policy

Issue: Lower-wage employees often work shifts with hours that make it difficult to get to the store or run errands.

Possible Solution: Provide a limited concierge service to assist with buying groceries, school supplies, or other errands to take pressure off workers struggling to balance work and family responsibilities.

Employer Experience

  • “If an employee participates in the Maternity Concierge program, we increase our ability to retain them. This program has been a huge help for our mothers, who are appreciative of the helping hand during a transitional time of their lives. And for our workers who have not participated, we hear how grateful they are to work for a company that is investing in family-friendly benefits for their employees.”

    Maureen Balent, Senior Vice President, Director of Benefits

    Fifth Third Bank

    The Fifth Third Maternity Concierge, a collaboration of the Bank and Best Upon Request, was launched in 2017. It is designed to provide our employees assistance for the challenges during pregnancy, after the baby is born and especially upon a mother’s return to work. This assistance, which begins when a woman is pregnant continues until the baby turns one, may include everything from researching child care options to scheduling meal deliveries during maternity leave, and other helpful tasks that can free up new or expectant moms to make the most of their time – both at work and at home. The program is part of Fifth Third’s commitment to provide an environment and culture where working mothers can not only succeed, but also excel.