4.8 million working parents have ‘preventable’ burnout—here are 5 things that can ease the stress

There are an estimated 4.8 million cases of “preventable” burnout across the country, the report states, as parents continue to juggle home and workplace challenges two years into the pandemic. But taking a closer look at employees who said they were not experiencing burnout, Maven and Great Place to Work identified five characteristics of a […]


To elevate Black talent, employers must reimagine how they hire and promote

Despite an all-time high of 10.9 million job openings, the fact that nearly 50% of U.S. workers are seeking career changes, and the struggles of many employers to fill positions, Black unemployment still rose in August, with twice as many Black Americans looking for work than were hired. This disappointing news is another sign of persistent racial disparities in […]

HBR Racially Diverse Team

You’ve Built a Racially Diverse Team. But Have You Built an Inclusive Culture?

  It’s one thing to have a racially diverse team. It’s another to unleash that team’s potential to do great things in your organization. And yet there is very little guidance on how, exactly, to do the latter. In this article, the author outlines three research-backed strategies. First, learn to recognize difference instead of pretending […]


A Historic Moment for the Care Economy

On April 21, the Economic Opportunities Program hosted a special event, Valuing Care: Principles for a Post-Pandemic Care Economy, to address these questions and more. The event brought together policymakers, experts, caregivers, and cultural leaders for a wide-ranging conversation on the value of caregiving and ideas to strengthen the care economy – the paid and […]


A Call to Reimagine Work and Benefits to Ensure All Workers Attain Financial Security

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a long-standing fact about the US labor market: work and wages alone do not guarantee financial security. A worker’s relationship to their employer—whether they work full- or part-time or whether they are a permanent or contract employee—may be more predictive of their financial well-being because these work arrangements determine access to […]